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WCHA in need of Service Coordinator

PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Service Coordinator will be responsible for facilitating and coordinating resident services and programs for elderly, adult, and youth residents in Westmoreland County Housing Authority’s (WCHA) public housing communities.

The Service Coordinator will provide case management and coordinate day to day activities. Resident activities will include health and wellness; safety; financial literacy; career direction; computer education; self-esteem building activities.

The Service Coordinator shall refer and coordinate benefits so that the resident may safely age in place.

The Service Coordinator will have an office located in WCHA’s housing communities in Westmoreland County. Travel is required and the Service Coordinator must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: A Bachelor of Social Work or degree in Gerontology, Psychology, Social Work or Counseling is preferable: other completed college degree is acceptable. In addition, applicants will be considered if they have extensive, specific related experience, but not the college degree.

Knowledge of procedures and eligibility for Federal and applicable, state entitlement programs; legal liability issues relating to providing service coordination; Service Coordinator hired with minimal knowledge of procedures will receive training within 90 days.

Service Coordinator hired to serve elderly residents should have knowledge of the aging process, elder services, disability services, drug and alcohol use and abuse by the elderly, and mental health issues. Service Coordinator hired, to serve elderly, who have minimal knowledge of the above elderly needs, will receive training within 90 days.

Two to three years’ experience in social service delivery for low-income youth, adults, seniors and/or people with disabilities preferred. Knowledge of supportive services and other resources for youth, adults, seniors and/or people with disabilities that are available in the local area would be beneficial.

Ability to advocate, organize, problem-solve, and provide results for low-income families, the elderly and/or people with disabilities.

Ability to provide communications in a manner that is effective for persons with disabilities and persons with limited English proficiency (LEP).


  1. Collaborate with the Service Coordinators Program Supervisor to design and coordinate resident activities that are aligned with the Service Coordinators Program goals and objectives.
  2. Provide case management. Meet with residents to complete a needs assessment, refer residents to appropriate community and social services.
  3. Coordinate resident services and activities.
  4. Have a basic knowledge of computer and internet, to assist residents in Computer Lab.
  5. Network extensively with community organizations and businesses to link residents with needed resources.
  6. Coordinate special events or activities to meet program goals and objectives.
  7. Submit accurate and timely monthly reports detailing program activity.
  8. Develop and submit monthly calendar of events to Service Coordinators Program Supervisor and then distribute the calendar and related flyers to all residents, encouraging participation.
  9. Respond professionally to all referral, funding source and resident requests and inquiries.
  10. Maintain an overall positive work attitude, promoting cooperation and professionalism in interactions with residents and co-workers.
  11. Assist in development, collection and tabulation of evaluation tools used in program assessment.
  12. Perform other duties to meet the goals of additional grants or funding provided to WCHA’s Public Housing communities and its’ residents.
  13. Attend relevant training as required and approved by the Service Coordinators Program Supervisor.
  14. Participate and contribute at staff and departmental meetings.
  15. Conduct periodic needs assessments at designated housing communities.
  16. Other duties as assigned by the Service Coordinator Supervisor.

WCHA Employees are eligible for full benefits including but not limited to the following as a part of a total rewards package! • Pension • Annual leave • Sick leave • Annual Paid Holidays • Group Health Plan • Group Life Insurance • Exceptional Performance Recognition • Credit Union Membership

Salary commensurate with Experience

Resumes can be mailed to Westmoreland County Housing Authority, Attn: Lynn Wackenhuth, 167 South Greengate Road, Greensburg, PA 15601; or emailed to WCHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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