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WCHA is updating its Section 8 / HCV Waiting List

The Westmoreland County Housing Authority is currently updating its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program waiting list.  For this reason, the HCV Department is mailing update notices to all applicants on the HCV waiting list to determine continued interest.  This will enable the WCHA to more efficiently process waiting list applicants wanting to participate in the program.  Active applicants will be receiving a notice by mail from the WCHA.

IMPORTANT:  If you applied for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and cannot locate your placement on this website it could be because that you moved and did not update your application as required, or your application has been withdrawn for some other reason.  You are required to immediately inform the Westmoreland County Housing Authority (WCHA) of changes in contact information, including current residence, mailing address, and phone number, when they occur.  The changes must be submitted in writing.  Not doing so will result in your application being withdrawn, and you must reapply if you are still interested.  If you were unable to respond to the WCHA’s request for information or updates because of a family member’s disability, you may request, in writing, that the WCHA reinstate your application to the original position on the waiting list.

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