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WCHA partners with Lead Safe Westmoreland

The Westmoreland County Housing Authority has partnered with Westmoreland County Department of Planning and Development’s Lead Safe Westmoreland (LSW) Program. The program’s goal is to prevent and protect the health of children from dangerous effects of lead-based paint hazards that are likely to be present from disturbed deteriorated paint caused by daily wear or renovations in homes built prior to 1978. 

Homes in Westmoreland County dated prior to 1978, where children under the age of six years (or a pregnant woman) reside or spend at least 6 hours per week visiting, with low to moderate income may be eligible to receive free services to identify, remove, or stabilize lead-based paint and other safety hazards found in the home. All of this is at no cost!  Landlords may be eligible to receive financial assistance to make your properties safe for families and update your rental units.

The partnership is designed to make sure that our Housing Choice Voucher participants are safe from lead and other hazards in the home and we are encouraging you to apply.

To apply or to receive more information,  contact Londe Dandar at: or (724)-830-3366.

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