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WCHA welcomes HUD officials

 Westmoreland County Housing Authority (WCHA) welcomed a recent visit from Regional Administrator Matthew Heckles, HUD Field Officer Michael Horvath and HUD CPD Representative Anh T. Ninh.

WCHA Executive Director Michael L. Washowich and Chief Operations Officer Erik Spiegel took the HUD representatives along with Jason Rigone, executive director of the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation and Westmoreland County Department of Planning and Development on a tour of South Greengate Commons in Hempfield Township.

“Much appreciation to you and the WCHA team for making Regional Administrator Matthew Heckles’ visit to Westmoreland County impactful. You are doing amazing work during a very challenging time,” said Horvath.

Standing outside of South Greengate Commons is (from left to right): Rigone, Washowich, Horvath, Heckles, Ninh and Spiegel.

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